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Types of Shop Shutter

Shop Shutter

Standard 3inch laths punched in a brick bond pattern Suitable for many applications, very effective for shops that require visability store whilst closed, especially good for estate agents.

Roller shutters have a wide range of uses from protecting door and windows to securing workshops, stores and garages.

Different types of operation.

Push ups, a manually operated shutter which is easy to open and close by hand with the help of a inbuilt counterbalance spring. Normally used on single doorways as larger shutter may be difficult to lift.

Handchain, a manually operated shutter which is easy to open or close with the use of a pull chain via a set gear ratio and counter balance spring. Suitable for all size doors.

Electric, a shutter that is operated via a switch or controller with various types from outboard motors operating on 415 volts or tubular motors operating on 240 volts. Tubular motors are normally used on domestic or commercial applications, suitable for minimal use. Outboard motors are used in high usage applications such as car parks or loading bays.

Different types of curtain.

Solid, standard type lath available in a traditional 3" curve lath, 2" and 4" flat laths, most are formed from steel in different gauges. Flat laths are also available in aluminium.

Perforated, all types of laths can be perforated, this allows some vision and gives ventilation to closed of areas.

Punched, all types of curtain can be punched in either a square or brick bond pattern, this allows more visabilty and greater air flow but at a reduced level of protection.

Portcullis, a unique design made from either steel of aluminium links and tubes built in brick bond or square bond with the option of light or heavy weight links and tubes.

Insulated lath, normally used on garage doors because of there quite operation and good style. Available in different types of wood grain or just standard colours.


Many different types of finish are available.

Mill finish, all none galvanised parts are coated in either grey or black primer 2 coates.

Powder coated, all parts are powder coated to a required colour relating to either a RAL or BS number. Available in gloss, matt or satin.

Polished, depending on your choice of material aluminium, or stainless steel your product can be polished to a high standard.

Wooden Garage Door Shutters

Wood grain effect, insulated laths automatic roller shutters. These shutters are fitted to a residential garage with wood grain effect laths to match the windows of the house. Both shutters are controlled seperatly from the same dual channel remote control. Both are fitted with auto close on an adjustable timer.

Specialist Car Park Shutters

Specialist car park applications, including traffic entry, exit height restriction bars and automatic operation. Other options include remote access or Paxton net2 control who has access at the click of a button.

Intelligent Access System Shutters

This shutter is fitted with a intelligent access system that can tell if the user is entering or exiting the car park and activating the correct traffic light accordingly. The shutter is opened on exit via a inductive loop that detects the presence of a vehicle this then turns the traffic light to green and the bottom of the ramp and holds the top traffic light red. Holding any entry traffic at the top of the ramp allowing the exiting vehicle to pass.