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Cellar Hatches

We have a wealth of experience in the steel fabrication trade and for those seeking cellar hatches or trap doors we have the knowledge and the expertise to create them for you.

We manufacture cellar hatches and cellar doors for all applications, be it domestic or commercial use. If you have a cellar with access from the outside, or have an internal cellar that you wish to create a hatch for, then our expert team can help.

Whether you have a need to store beer barrels, or have a restaurant where you need to store goods in your underground space, we can help create automatic and manual doors that are safe and secure.

Perhaps you have a wine cellar that you would like safe access to in your own home, and then we can help with that tooCellar Hatches

External and Internal Cellar Hatches – Functional, Safe and Secure

Our team are able to create remote controlled cellar hatches and trap doors, as well as hard wired self-opening doors. Our doors are manufactured using heavy duty steel, and can manage heavy traffic and footfall.

When we custom make cellar hatches for our clients, our priority is that they can be operated safely. We can help reduce the risk of back and limb injuries with our automated opening and closing hatches – which help in avoiding the need to lift heavy doors.

The hatches are virtually maintenance free, long lasting and entirely safe to use.

Speak to us today about cellar hatches and trap doors that are far superior to what some other companies can offer.

Our friendly team is ready to discover your plans, visit you, measure accurately and help you design a cellar hatch that works exactly the way you want it. Call us on: 01708 554425 / 07947 317047 or email for a prompt reply at: